Classes & Gym Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Core Confidence Continuation
(with Kristy)

9am – 10am

Starting Aug 25 – Oct 27

Mid-Morning New Mom Yoga & Wellness
(with Tima)
10am – 11am

Starting Sept 11

Fit After Baby
(with Kristy)
10am – 11am

Starting Sept 6

Core Confidence Series 1

(with Kristy)

10am – 11am

Starting Sept 8 – Nov 3

Lunch Functional Mobility

(with Pauline)

12pm – 12:45pm

Afternoon Yoga Fun 4 Kids

(With Paulina)


On hold until Fall.

Coming Soon!

Weekly Unwind

(with TBA)

Evening Dynamic Feet Series
(with Murray)
5pm – 6pm

Next start Sept 10th

Co-ed Core Confidence Cont.

(with Kristy)

6pm – 7pm

Aug 14 – Oct 2

Pre-Natal Yoga Series

(with Tima)

6pm – 7pm

Starting Sept 19 – Nov 1

Aligned Yoga Series

(With Tima)

6pm – 7pm

Starting Sept 13 – Nov 1

Monday Classes

Applied Somatics (with Sam)

Applied Somatics teaches you how to gain mindful, voluntary control of their neuromuscular system. This voluntary control can be used for pain and stress management, rehabilitation, posture re-education, enhanced athletic training, and integrative work for those exploring recovery from abuse and other forms of trauma.

Dynamic Feet (with Murray)

In our Dynamic Feet class, you will learn a little every week about your foot health. This class will also equip you with exercises that can help many common foot ailments (bunions, planter fasciitis, metatarsal pain), and educated you on way to prevent further injuries..

Tuesday Classes

Mommy and Me Yoga (with Tima):

Relax tight shoulders, strengthen your back, re-train your core, practice your balance, and have fun! Bring your little one(s) for an inclusive family class where you can feel welcome to nurse, change, carry or involve babies/toddlers however you like. Meet some new friends and move some muscles.

Infant Massage (with Alison):

This class teaches parents and caregivers techniques to use with their infants to help create a connection through loving touch and help aid in their child’s health and development. Each class teaches different techniques to use for different areas of the body and gives simple to repeat at home massage routines.

Wednesday Classes

Functional Mobility (with Pauline)

A class dedicated to improving strength and range of motion through active stretching and functional exercise. There is an emphasis on proper form, as it is key to “First Move Well, then Move Often!” This class is perfect for anyone hoping to improve their overall mobility, decrease pain and gain strength.

Pre-Natal Yoga (with Tima):

Slow down and tune in to your body. Stretch and strengthen while learning about optimal positioning and alignment for pregnancy and labour. Prepare your core for birth and beyond. Finally, relax and breathe through a guided meditation and visualization for a positive pregnancy and labour experience.

Thursday Classes

Strong and Stable for Seniors (with Kristy):

As we age, our bodies do not bend, lift and move as easily as they used to. Falls, slips and injuries are a real concern and something we can work on preventing. This seniors drop-in class focuses on strength, stabilization, balance and posture so you can move through your golden years with confidence and ease.

Fit After Baby (with Kristy)

Less than 1 year postpartum and still trying to connect with your ‘new body’? Longing to get back into a regular fitness routine but not sure where to start? Then this class is designed for you! The Fit After Baby drop-in class is for moms to begin enjoying their bodies, strengthening their tummies, toning and tightening postpartum.


Yoga Fun 4 Kids (with Paulina Monahan)

Yoga Fun 4 Kids is a fun introduction to yoga for children between the ages of 5-12. Children will be moving to music while learning about breathing, body awareness, balance and alignment in a fun and safe environment. (Please Note: All children must be accompanied by an adult)

Friday Classes

CoreFit (with Dr. Darcie) :

A class to enhance and maintain spine stability, core strength, endurance, and overall health and performance. Work out with our chiropractors doing safe but challenging exercises to wake up your core and promote full body balance.

All of Creekside’s class instructors are highly skilled and trained. Most Classes are taught by our trained medical practitioners. Our objective with our classes is to create a class structure which serves our patients by working in partnership with the rehabilitation programs set out by our practitioners, while promoting good health and movement practices.